Nerd Fitness Journal #15

My mother came home from the hospital this weekend. Keeping her to the couch has been interesting. She’s the mum that does things for everyone else and hates everyone doing things for her.

As the years progress, she relates herself to broken doll parts, often exclaiming “what a mess”. But she puts on a smile and a bright face and goes about her day one step at time.

This weekend she’s had me and my brother watching from a distance. Running for the tea, hovering behind her walking stick as she shuffles from one room to another. The puppies also help in running interference. As soon as she tries to move, the dogs move with her.

All three are asleep on the couch right now. So I can reflect on my mum, my somebody who gave me this life and raised me into the person I am.

She was the first person to teach me that happiness comes from giving joy to others. And the best things in life are free: kindness and love.

2019 in Review. Back to the start.

Eight months later, I’m back.

2019 was a rollercoaster as it always is. I fell on my swords more times and ways than I can count, but I also conquered every mountain and left the year smiling on a remote island in the South Pacific.

The best part of 2019 is a toss up between gaining my Masters and holidaying in Fiji.

Photograph taken 7km south of Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

The most challenging part of 2019 was coming to terms with loss, and realising some friendships are immaterial even if you don’t realise at the time. Seeing someones true colours can be the harshest but most valuable lesson to learn. Enter sad face.

The most joyful moment of 2019 was learning another tiny human had entered this world, courtesy of my best friend in England. This bundle of joy is my 2021 goal – going home, again.

The biggest obstacle was finding my place in the ‘new world’ of my company. Following a restructure I was challenged with office politics, young whippersnappers on power trips, and leadership whose leaders forgot how to lead. It was a tumultuous year, and I found myself on more than one occasion throwing toddler tantrums in the bathrooms… because let’s face it, murder wasn’t an option.

However, I was saved and recruited to a world that fits my work ethic. I hit the ground running and was given projects to own and manage. I felt valued which is all I ever wanted. It’s all anyone wants, right?!

If I could change one thing last year, it would be graduating in absentia from uni. I should have attended the graduation ceremony with my friends. It was a special moment, one that should have been realised because life is too short. However, my inner introvert was really not a fan of the idea.

With that in mind, we dip our toe into the new year. Here is my 2020 Vision (#sorrynotsorry – I had to!)

  • Find / Revise my WHY (and adjust learning / career trajectory accordingly)
  • Hit 10,000 steps every day
  • Lose at least 10kg by the time 2021 comes around
  • Learn and practice Ukulele
  • Practice Japanese
  • Participate in NAPOWRIMO and NANOWRIMO
  • Win the lottery and go to Japan

Okay, the last one is probably the one I won’t achieve but hey dreams could come true…

I will be using this blog to track my progress and keep myself accountable. Hopefully, I’ll make it past May this year.


St Andrews in Landford, Wiltshire, UK.

Good Morning Ancestors! Does you phone like to tell you about your memories? Mine does. And today’s memory is of a picture I took about six years ago, when I was on one of my adventures across southern England. This church can be found nestled in the New Forest. And right there at the front of those ancient looking headstones are my ancestors (Alford-Tucker branch). Oh if my ancestors were here today… they would not be happy with my inability to keep to my schedule.

Daily (yeah, right! Sure, Charlie) Log


Breakfast was the lovely fruit salad and yoghurt you see adjacent. I tried to make it all pretty by sitting the Australia-themed apron behind it. I think I failed in that mission. Lunch was my left over burrito bowl from yesterday and dinner, well, it’s 9pm and I haven’t had dinner but there is an empty bowl of Alpen that could have been consumed around 4pm this afternoon.


Forgot to work out, no excuses.

I am a procrastinator. Steps only achieved because I decided to clean my bedroom and change my linen.


““Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” 

Who said that? Ghandi, of course. He was the wisest owl.

I succeeded expectations with my sleep. It’s amazing how well a girl can sleep when she’s been reading, writing, coding for weeks on end and it just doesn’t end.

Any whoooo… sleep is being aided by the alarm schedule I set up on my iPhone weeks ago. And from today will be assisted by my recently acquired Google Home Mini. So far I’ve asked about the weather and got her to play Triple M Country. My life is not very interesting o_O


The road is long, and their are mountains puppies in our way, but we climb a step over every day (or something like that)

Wow! Have I been slacking off lately. I’d like to insert the following excuse. Ahem. I’ve been busy Mastering my Thesis. Not buying it? Yeah me either.

My descent from motivation started with visiting my young Master. Attention, he must have. Healthy lifestyles, he does not tolerate. Cuddles in front of TV will be accepted providing it isn’t loud.

So to recap the last week:

  • Sleep Schedule = Nil point.
  • Workout Schedule = Nil point.
  • Walking Schedule = Nil point. (With a hint of meh, because I did do 7k today)
  • Food Schedule = Could be better. I retained my schedule of fruit salads for breakfast and balanced meals for lunch and dinner*

*Monday night Macca’s had to happen. If you are GOT fan, you’ll understand.

Today I managed to whip up a couple boxes of burrito bowls to get me past Hump Day.

I taste tested before uni and it was impeccable if I do say so myself.

Jazzles has no idea what’s going on but he’s excited. Can’t you tell???

I solemnly swear I’ll try again tomorrow.


So I fell off the wagon the last few days. I’ve been in intense Master-ry mode plus there was the whole Mothers Day gotta-see-the-parents-for-the-weekend thing. Without saying a word I still got in trouble. It’s a can’t win situation so I just roll with the punches. Any whoo… yeah… goals…

Sleep Log

I have been doing a great job of getting eight hours plus, and sometimes a cheeky nap during the day (not today). Not so good at not hitting the snooze button though. Apparently I didn’t move my phone far away enough. Today I’m trying the end of the bed, if that doesn’t work, I may need to relocate the charger.

Food Log

Started the day well with two boiled eggs and a cup of tea. Lunch saw a large latte and southern fried burger emerge on the door step by friends at UberEats . Dinner was a cheeky Nando’s instead of the food I have in the fridge ready to be cooked. To be fair, it’s Monday night, Game of Thrones and oh the anxiety.

Active Log

We have a winner!!!

I tried to make a video of my workout… it didn’t work… camera angles are my enemy when I live in a box.

Today was NF BodyWeight 1A…

  • Squats
  • Push Ups
  • BodyWeight Row
  • Farmer Walk (4kg per hand)

To finish my morning dalliance into activeness, I took a stroll around the creek and smashed 5,000 steps!

Tomorrow I’ll do better with sleep and food.


Roald Dahl

Activity Log

Began the day with NF Workout 1A… while I warmed up so was my computer. Really felt the burn after neglecting my workout goals for a few days.

Walked the 8km tram line to the city making my steps for the day 12,638 with 103 active minutes.

According to the FitBit App I entered 13 min cardio and 3 min peak, the rest was fat burn.

Food Log

Alpen for breakfast.

Was so hungry by 11am I tipped my dinner portion of my Jambalaya into my lunch portion and ate the whole thing.

By 1.30pm I was hungry again and ended up cheating. 10 nugget meal with a coffee oops.

At 8pm I ate a cookie.

Suffice to say #foodfail

Sleep Log

Went to sleep as advised by my phone at 10pm. Unfortunately by dawn my blankets had accepted me as one of their own and I didn’t wander out my bedroom door until 8.30am. Total sleep time a little over eight hours.


Ever have one of those days you wish you could start all over again? I call it Monday. First day on annual leave and all my goals failed to launch.

Food Log = Alpen & Tea, Coffee, Chicken Stir Fry, half a Herb & Garlic Pizza*.

*The pizza can be directly attributed to the anxiety created by watching Game of Thrones tonight.

Activity Log = Horizontal meditation (most of the day).

Sleep Log = I stayed up till 1am. Turned off the ‘Bedtime’ App, and woke up shortly after 7am so very tired and not in the mood for anything.

Masters Log = Some cursory glances at notes and development of slides, that are due in three hours (midnight).

Tomorrow, we start again.


Activity Log

#fail. I didn’t leave the house and I didn’t do a workout. The only movement seen from this sloth was to go downstairs for food.

Food Log

Tea and Alpen for breakfast. Breakfast Burger and Latte from Cheshire Cafe. Dinner, at 8pm I haven’t eaten yet, although I am starting to get hungry. I might go seek out the chicken and sweet potato sitting in the fridge.

Sleep Log

Woke up somewhere around 7.30am today and got up relatively straight away. It was a cold morning so tea and breakfast was a high priority. Went ice skating late on Saturday so didn’t watch television when I returned, it was straight to Bedfordshire albeit way after my “bed time”.

Masters Log

Spent dawn to dusk reading about qualitative content analysis. Need to gather my thoughts and draft another version of the Methodology and Methods section. Also need to put together slides for presentation and complete data analysis #mondaygoals.


Daily Log

This is the part where I hold myself accountable in all areas I am tracking as part of my NF Journey. I’ve also added in another section today, called ‘Masters’. I am currently in my final semester, final project and so far behind it’s not funny. Therefore, I need to hold myself accountable and will note every day what I have achieved, and then feel guilty if I have nothing to write about. So here goes…


Winter is the time for comfort, and the source of that comfort for me is food. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on my best form today. Left over Nachos for breakfast, a Youfoodz meal for lunch, and Macca’s for dinner. I justify the Macca’s because I got the grilled chicken without the sauce. It wasn’t a great idea, because it tasted bad. The coffee helped though. Tomorrow, I have no excuse. I need to keep to my schedule.


Today’s fitness activity was at Homer Simpson. I forfeited my morning work out because I was too cold to get out of bed, and when I was ready to go for my walk, it was pouring down with rain. It was a day of excuses. Most of activity was walking up and down the stairs between washing loads.

At 7.50pm all might be saved. Ice skating will be the extent of today’s exercise.


Yesterday I was up before the alarm and asleep before the alarm. I didn’t hit snooze but did engage in a lot of unapproved television watching. They added Nashville onto Stan, and I’ve always been hooked. It’s an addiction, one episode isn’t enough! I didn’t fall asleep with tv on though. I managed the conscious albeit very hard decision of when to shut it down.


I started to make a plan of how I am going to achieve this and I have all the readings open, ready to be conquered tomorrow. By night fall I will be a master of content analysis.