Nerd Fitness Journal #11

And just like that it was Monday again. I rose from my bed, shuffled into the study for 15 minutes of Yoga and 15 min of body attack. And the jumped into a very hot shower… next thing I know I’m climbing into my bed assessing the day that has passed.

Have you made yourself a lifelong project?

I don’t know how to answer that question. I’ve always dreamt of writing a book called ‘Being Human, as let’s face it there’s no real user guide. We just make it up as we go along and hope for the best.

I guess my life is a project. It’s filled with chapters, stories, triumphs and tragedies. In our younger years we’re defined by our schools and our identity is influenced by our need and want to be accepted. As adults, we take the best bits to produce the final product.

But even as we grow through adulthood, we change. We experience more triumphs and tragedies. So I wonder, if the project outcome is only realised on our death beds? Bit late.


Food Log

It’s nacho your problem, but that’s what I had for dinner. Sometimes you just crave the crispy crisps and hot melted cheese amongst the jalepeno’s and salsa. I feel like it was deserved having had coffee for breakfast and Boost juice for lunch.

Sleep Log

Sleep = 7 hours

This morning I woke up by myself at 4.30am and then snoozed until the alarm went off at 4.50am. It was at that point I shut off the alarm, and reset for 5.20am. Blissfully sleeping through my workout time. I’d spent most of the evening watching television but had pulled the lid down when my iPhone app reminded me it was time to sleep. I’m pretty sure I was out like a light.

This was aided by installing f.lux on my Macbook. It’s a software program that adjusts the lighting of the screen according to the location and time of day. I’ve also started using the BedTime App on my iPhone, this way I can ensure I get enough sleep by adjusting my ‘bed time’ according to when I need to wake up. For example, tomorrow is the weekend and beginning of four weeks annual leave, so I have adjusted my wake up time to 7.30am.

Activity Log

As mentioned before I skipped the morning work out. But made up for it in the walk to work. I’m thinking I might need to reevaluate where I disembark the tram as the morning stroll along Collins is getting easier each day. Step count is at 8,254 today.

Tomorrow Goals

In addition to the plethora of work I have to do for my thesis, I intend to complete a full work out and go for a walk up to the lake and back.


Daily Log

13,365 steps. Smashed those goals today. It all began this morning when I enjoyed my stroll to the highway under an imminent sunrise, couldn’t help but notice the crescent moon lighting my way. I was tramming early today so disembarked at one end of the city and then walked the line of Collins Street to work. This afternoon I followed my footsteps back from the Docklands then up to Melbourne Central. As the sun set across the university campus I climbed the stairs and hit the 10,000 step marking, meaning my session started on a very happy note.

Food goals kinda somewhat met. Breakfast was a latte. Morning Tea was a Chia Pod. Lunch was a Weekend Warrior and Dinner was Nandos. The latter would have tipped the scale on the calorie count. Although, I feel it was earned in the step count and morning work out.

Nerd Academy

Using a BMR Calculator my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 1495.3. To maintain weight at current activity level, calories should be 1,800, to lose weight around 1,500 and to lose weight fast 1,100.

In the spirit of not drinking calories, tomorrow I will not buy coffee but will drink water. Just writing that sounds crazy to me.


Edited version of a speech made by Arya Stark in GOT.

Arya is a bad ass! Anyone who watches Game of Thrones knows this. From a young age this little warrior stuck her finger up at the social expectations, instead turned and faced the trials and troubles of the world, with one attitude: Not today!

This image yoinked from Elle, completely encapsulates the warrior princess that is Arya. Having just watched the latest episode I am so proud of her whilst being completely and utterly traumatised. She is a modern day hero for all young females.

So tomorrow, when I don’t want to wake up and do my work out, I will ask myself WWASD?

To the Daily Log

It was an active Monday. I managed to crawl from the bed around 5am and get one set of strength training in, with my new weight. I felt the burn. Having left the house early, I power walked to the highway, snoozed 20min on the tram, before disembarking and powering my along Collins Street. The FitBit is still out of action and my iPhone doesn’t want to play, but I estimate it to be about 5,000 steps. My post work walk was cancelled due to obvious reasons. If not obvious, look above.

Since 11am AEST (when it aired in the U.S.) I have avoided social media like the plague. It made for a very long commute home. On the plus side, my Apple TV / AirPlay decided to work today, so we got the wide screen experience.

The stress, anxiety and heart wrenching anticipation called for Macca’s. So I indulged in a burger… and justified to myself, it was okay because it was grilled. I was very hungry also. Breakfast had been the Chia Pod, and Lunch a Weekend Warrior from Boost. So despite being naughty I was well within the calorie targets, just not on par with the Paleo lifestyle.

Tomorrow Goals

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Tomorrow will be the longest day, work then uni, then home to study. Food goals remain the same, chia pod for breakfast, boost juice for lunch and dinner will be a cheeky Nandos or super food salad from the salad bar if it is still open when I leave the office. Steps goals will be achieved as I’ll be walking from SouthWest corner of the CBD to the NorthEast corner.


Daily Log

When my eyes opened this morning I was curled in a ball all snug and warm. The beeping of the Woolworths van (sorry neighbours) roused the street. Not longer after the sun came up and I made a mediocre attempt to stretch out the night before. By 8am I was back in bed with a cup of tea scrolling through Youtube. It was the rational thing to do on such a cold Autumn morning.

At 9am I was dressed and power walking up the hill to the post office. The sun was out, and the neighbourhood was buzzing. I’d recently discovered Luke Comb’s Beautiful Crazy and have been playing on a loop most of the week. Felt a moment of serenity and joy to be outside, to be able to acknowledge the majesty of this country.

My enthusiasm for the day was boosted by the lack of queues in the post office. The lady took my licence and scurried into the back. When she returned she dropped my parcel on the desk and I couldn’t help notice the plethora of warning labels: heavy, handle with care. *gulp*

It wasn’t that bad though, only 6kg. My arms didn’t start burning until I’d reached the end of my street #saved. As I clambered through the front door I collapsed onto the couch and stretched out the weary arms. I also place my new 6kg kettle bell by my bedroom door ready for the workout… that never came.

Bit of fail most of today. Sat on the couch surfing the internet. I think a little studying was done, or there was at least some consideration and tabs opened.

Weekend grub was achieved. I now have three meals of chicken mince, cabbage, and sweet potato/pumpkin mash. Tastes better than it sounds, and was the perfect indulgence on a fresh afternoon.

Winter is coming. I need to face the fact. But I’m quite in denial. Motivation is going to get harder before it gets easier.

Finding the Big WHY

I’m tired of being tired, and struggling for energy. I’m happiest when I’m out there in the world connecting with other humans. So I’ve joined the Nerd Academy to give myself a chance to breathe, to be alive, and to belong again.

Setting Goals

Do or do not, there is no try.


One of the first challenges of the Nerd Academy is developing my journey.

So I will become a person:

  • who trains at least three times a week
  • will get eight hours of sleep a night
  • will cook and eat home made meals at least three times a week

My Epic Quest

Travel to Osaka, Japan is the dream. It’s the most scary thing I could do because it so far from the reality I live in. To get there, I need time, money, courage, and language skills. So the tiny wins will be saving $400 per month, finding a flexible job/career and rejuvenating my DuoLingo access.

Tomorrows Goals

Sunday, the day of rest. But not for me. I’ll awake at dawn and do a 30 minute work out. I will then shower, dress and practice my Japanese. Breakfast will be a bowl of Alpen, followed by a morning walk along the creek. When I return I shall get my head stuck into studying. I have so much work to do and time is running out. Lunch and Dinner will be the left overs from today. Depending on the progress of my studying, I might squeeze in a ice skating session with the housemate.


Active Journal

On this fake Friday I fell on my sword. Although completing BodyWeight 1A of the Nerd Fitness Workout, the step count was missing in action. Clocked 3,916 steps, most of which were achieved this morning as I marched along the highway trying to keep ahead of the tram.

My inner team player saw me volunteer for overtime at work and as a result, I didn’t leave the city until the sun had set and the suburbs had returned to shadows and anonymous tree rustles. I’m 33 and afraid of the dark. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Food Journal

Breakfast was half a bottle of V8 Vege Juice as I ran out the front door. I was going to skip the latte this morning but I had time and there was no queue. I call that destiny.

Lucky I did, as my friendly Barista kindly informed me that one of my favourite bands are coming to Melbourne in a few months and tickets go on sale this weekend… eeek! Anyway back to the food log.

Lunch was a Weekend Warrior (again!) and Dinner was a bowl of Alpen.

Not the greatest day for food either.

Tomorrow I’ll try again. Should be easier given its a public holiday and I’ll be up for the dawn service.

Plan for Tomorrow

Following dawn service, I shall retreat back to the house for my two boiled eggs and a cup of tea.

Around midday I’ll go for a walk and swing by the juice bar on the other side of the creek for lunch (if they’re open). If no one is open, which I suspect, I may have to do something daring like eat Alpen for lunch, or have more boiled eggs.

Dinner will be the same as lunch. A roll of the dice.

Next time I’ll do that pesky errand called grocery shopping.

Positive Thoughts

So a fellow nerd/warrior posted an idea in a Facebook group of reflecting on three positive things that happen each day. After commenting on the post with my positives yesterday, I thought I would tack a few onto this post as a way of concluding.

  1. I connected with someone (stranger) in a Facebook Group Forum and we bonded.
  2. An irritable thing happened at work, and I was able to breathe and let it go (these situations have been difficult these last few months)
  3. I got to see the sunset over the Docklands.


Shakespeare quote in honour of the Bards Birthday / Death anniversary.

Active Journal

In addition to my inspiration quotes I’ll endeavour to track the progress of my health and fitness journey (as challenged by Nerd Fitness).

I woke up at 5am this morning and did 2/3 reps of Body Weight 1B which includes Good Morning, Standing Wall Walk, One Leg Balance, Wall Slide, and Front Plank. I didn’t make the 3rd rep due to the fire in my arms and that pesky thing called time. Tomorrow I’ll set the alarm for 4:45am. Which means adjusting my sleep time. Which also gives me less time to work on other projects in the evening. I’m a girl that needs at least five hours. But short term sacrifices and all that.

I got in half my morning walk before work, and the full afternoon walk after work thus achieving 7,209 steps. Fitbit says I’ve clocked 88 minutes active time so I’m happy with that.


Food Journal

Breakfast was lightyears ago. It didn’t really happen. Whilst walking to work I had a few swigs of my V8 veggie juice which apparently today I detested so it landed with a thud in the bin by the time I was half way down the highway.

Once I got to work I joined the queue for my skinny latte and that became breakfast. About 30 minutes later a fruit and nut bar ascended from the locker to my desk and into my stomach. Estimated 315 calories.

I was so busy at work I didn’t see lunch time arrive, and when prompted bolted out the door and to the station in lightening speed. Today was a Weekend Warrior from Boost Juice. Estimated 278 calories.

Dinner was a cheeky Nandos. My excuse: I was away for the long weekend and didn’t have food. Real reason: I wanted to walk home along the creek, so going to the grocery store would be going out of my way and I didn’t want eggs. Estimated 500 calories.

I’m not really counting calories at this stage. But to have the day’s total between 1,000 – 1,500 is a good place especially since my active minutes will compensate.


In sad news, my FitBit strap broke over the weekend and while another is ordered, it remains at the bottom of my bag. My wrist, in the meantime, feels naked (except for my Just Strong bracelet).

Thanks for reading.


Looking out over rolling hills and mountains into the deepest blue sky is my sanctuary. Life is put into perspective and the world begins to make sense, especially when you remember and feel pure happiness that might have been forgotten along the way.

To reach a state of clarity and peacefulness, one must face their adversities. But step by step, breathe by breath, we reach closer to our goals and to our dreams.

Photos taken at Mount Donna Buang in the Yarra Valley Ranges, Victoria, Australia.