Food Log

It’s nacho your problem, but that’s what I had for dinner. Sometimes you just crave the crispy crisps and hot melted cheese amongst the jalepeno’s and salsa. I feel like it was deserved having had coffee for breakfast and Boost juice for lunch.

Sleep Log

Sleep = 7 hours

This morning I woke up by myself at 4.30am and then snoozed until the alarm went off at 4.50am. It was at that point I shut off the alarm, and reset for 5.20am. Blissfully sleeping through my workout time. I’d spent most of the evening watching television but had pulled the lid down when my iPhone app reminded me it was time to sleep. I’m pretty sure I was out like a light.

This was aided by installing f.lux on my Macbook. It’s a software program that adjusts the lighting of the screen according to the location and time of day. I’ve also started using the BedTime App on my iPhone, this way I can ensure I get enough sleep by adjusting my ‘bed time’ according to when I need to wake up. For example, tomorrow is the weekend and beginning of four weeks annual leave, so I have adjusted my wake up time to 7.30am.

Activity Log

As mentioned before I skipped the morning work out. But made up for it in the walk to work. I’m thinking I might need to reevaluate where I disembark the tram as the morning stroll along Collins is getting easier each day. Step count is at 8,254 today.

Tomorrow Goals

In addition to the plethora of work I have to do for my thesis, I intend to complete a full work out and go for a walk up to the lake and back.