Snow fell in Victoria today. Hail hit the coast hard. And my little patch of the state saw more rain in an hour than we have in a month. Not to mention it was so cold I donned the hoodie and wooly blanket, spending most of the day nestled in my little reading nook.

In addition to the copious reading and writing that goes with drafting the first version of a literature review, I took study breaks by watching my favourite Hallmark show; Good Witch.

Good Witch never fails to give me the warm and fuzzies, especially on days like this and todays episode was no exception.

Snuggled into the plot and script, the main character ‘found’ the perfect poem that encompasses everything the words ‘I do’ at a wedding should mean.

If I ever find the person I want to my spend the rest of my life with. I want it to feel like this.

As these words flowed around the enchanted congregation, I pulled down the hoodie and leant forward so I could feel the words better. It was a fuzzy moment but it was also a powerful reflective moment. Three letters, two words.

Today, I do want a better life. I do know I am in the driver’s seat. I do believe that out there is possibilities.