St Andrews in Landford, Wiltshire, UK.

Good Morning Ancestors! Does you phone like to tell you about your memories? Mine does. And today’s memory is of a picture I took about six years ago, when I was on one of my adventures across southern England. This church can be found nestled in the New Forest. And right there at the front of those ancient looking headstones are my ancestors (Alford-Tucker branch). Oh if my ancestors were here today… they would not be happy with my inability to keep to my schedule.

Daily (yeah, right! Sure, Charlie) Log


Breakfast was the lovely fruit salad and yoghurt you see adjacent. I tried to make it all pretty by sitting the Australia-themed apron behind it. I think I failed in that mission. Lunch was my left over burrito bowl from yesterday and dinner, well, it’s 9pm and I haven’t had dinner but there is an empty bowl of Alpen that could have been consumed around 4pm this afternoon.


Forgot to work out, no excuses.

I am a procrastinator. Steps only achieved because I decided to clean my bedroom and change my linen.


““Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” 

Who said that? Ghandi, of course. He was the wisest owl.

I succeeded expectations with my sleep. It’s amazing how well a girl can sleep when she’s been reading, writing, coding for weeks on end and it just doesn’t end.

Any whoooo… sleep is being aided by the alarm schedule I set up on my iPhone weeks ago. And from today will be assisted by my recently acquired Google Home Mini. So far I’ve asked about the weather and got her to play Triple M Country. My life is not very interesting o_O