Daily Log

This is the part where I hold myself accountable in all areas I am tracking as part of my NF Journey. I’ve also added in another section today, called ‘Masters’. I am currently in my final semester, final project and so far behind it’s not funny. Therefore, I need to hold myself accountable and will note every day what I have achieved, and then feel guilty if I have nothing to write about. So here goes…


Winter is the time for comfort, and the source of that comfort for me is food. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on my best form today. Left over Nachos for breakfast, a Youfoodz meal for lunch, and Macca’s for dinner. I justify the Macca’s because I got the grilled chicken without the sauce. It wasn’t a great idea, because it tasted bad. The coffee helped though. Tomorrow, I have no excuse. I need to keep to my schedule.


Today’s fitness activity was at Homer Simpson. I forfeited my morning work out because I was too cold to get out of bed, and when I was ready to go for my walk, it was pouring down with rain. It was a day of excuses. Most of activity was walking up and down the stairs between washing loads.

At 7.50pm all might be saved. Ice skating will be the extent of today’s exercise.


Yesterday I was up before the alarm and asleep before the alarm. I didn’t hit snooze but did engage in a lot of unapproved television watching. They added Nashville onto Stan, and I’ve always been hooked. It’s an addiction, one episode isn’t enough! I didn’t fall asleep with tv on though. I managed the conscious albeit very hard decision of when to shut it down.


I started to make a plan of how I am going to achieve this and I have all the readings open, ready to be conquered tomorrow. By night fall I will be a master of content analysis.


Food & Active Log

Here we are at the end of the weirdest week. Woke up with my duvet in the centre of my bed and my torso and legs cocooned. I had cleverly set the alarm on the other side of the bed, so had to deconstruct to turn it off.

So I shot out of bed and did my morning work out. It warmed me up well and I didn’t realise the single digit temperature outside or the condensation on the windows. The workout was accompanied by a dance around the bedroom as I sought out something to where for work, and in more time than it should have taken I was power walking through the neighbour hood towards the tram stop.

Back to work for one day, I rode the tram right to the building. Managed to buy a pot of bircher muesli and greek yoghurt to accompany my morning latte. Talk about fire and ice in my hands. By the time I got to my desk the skin had reddened.

When the clock struck twelve, I took my daily walk to the train station but didn’t quite make it the Boost Juice bar. The cold winds and my lack of weather appropriate attire struck a chord as I passed the Mexican bar. The thought of something sizzling won me over in a heartbeat, and I nestled in for a Chorizo Burrito.

It kept me going throughout the day. I don’t think I even realised I was hungry until I got home at 8pm, cold and standing in the dark. The cold night air discouraged the evening walk home. But on a positive note, in a moment of guilt, I settled for a bowl of Alpen rather than indulging in Uber Eats. At 9pm I’m no longer hungry, but am left wanting for something warm and fuzzy.

So all in all, today’s food resulted in a high carb day and low active day. I guess I’ll start again tomorrow.