Nerd Fitness Journal #1

What things are truly in my control?

Someone (Eleanor Roosevelt) once said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – and yes, I stole that from the Princess Diaries. But I feel it talks to my answer to the above question.

I have control over how I react to any given situation. I mean, I don’t have complete control. I can count the conversations this week where I channel Hagrid, and say “I shouldn’t have said that”. I also then replay the conversation in my head until I get it right.

I have control over how I think. It’s like Steve was saying in the Nerd Fitness intro articles, we have control over own narrative. If I can start thinking like my alter ego, Lady Witchazel, and the one day I will become her.

This leads me to my third thought of having control over my actions. You are what you eat as they say. And at that moment I am a taco. With a side of coffee and occasional hash browns. And yeah, I could blame the COVID of it all, the Stage 4 lockdown, and the anxiety of leaving the house. But the truth is, I can buy groceries, I have plenty of time to cook, and things won’t expire because I’m here 24/7.

I choose to wait till I’m hungry. I choose to pick you my phone and flick through UberEats, and I choose not to go downstairs to the kitchen. Which is stupid because I walk past the kitchen to go to the front door and collect my food.

So I guess the first thing, and I feel most important thing is… I have control over me.