The road is long, and their are mountains puppies in our way, but we climb a step over every day (or something like that)

Wow! Have I been slacking off lately. I’d like to insert the following excuse. Ahem. I’ve been busy Mastering my Thesis. Not buying it? Yeah me either.

My descent from motivation started with visiting my young Master. Attention, he must have. Healthy lifestyles, he does not tolerate. Cuddles in front of TV will be accepted providing it isn’t loud.

So to recap the last week:

  • Sleep Schedule = Nil point.
  • Workout Schedule = Nil point.
  • Walking Schedule = Nil point. (With a hint of meh, because I did do 7k today)
  • Food Schedule = Could be better. I retained my schedule of fruit salads for breakfast and balanced meals for lunch and dinner*

*Monday night Macca’s had to happen. If you are GOT fan, you’ll understand.

Today I managed to whip up a couple boxes of burrito bowls to get me past Hump Day.

I taste tested before uni and it was impeccable if I do say so myself.

Jazzles has no idea what’s going on but he’s excited. Can’t you tell???

I solemnly swear I’ll try again tomorrow.