Roald Dahl

Activity Log

Began the day with NF Workout 1A… while I warmed up so was my computer. Really felt the burn after neglecting my workout goals for a few days.

Walked the 8km tram line to the city making my steps for the day 12,638 with 103 active minutes.

According to the FitBit App I entered 13 min cardio and 3 min peak, the rest was fat burn.

Food Log

Alpen for breakfast.

Was so hungry by 11am I tipped my dinner portion of my Jambalaya into my lunch portion and ate the whole thing.

By 1.30pm I was hungry again and ended up cheating. 10 nugget meal with a coffee oops.

At 8pm I ate a cookie.

Suffice to say #foodfail

Sleep Log

Went to sleep as advised by my phone at 10pm. Unfortunately by dawn my blankets had accepted me as one of their own and I didn’t wander out my bedroom door until 8.30am. Total sleep time a little over eight hours.