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Let’s start with the numbers…

  • 11,379 Steps
  • 77.1kg at 6am weigh-in
  • 3 hours 50min sleep

Oi with the poodles! Do I hate Mondays! Yes, I did just double-wham the popular culture references. But you’ll forgive me, did you see the hours I slept?!

The clock struck at 5am. I was already awake. So as I sat in the pre-dawn shadows of my suburban home I pondered where today could take me. I could go down the narrow path of passive aggressive grumpy troll who had no sleep or I could fight the waves and brace the wind. I chose the latter.

First conquest of the day, hitting 5,000 steps before I hit my desk. Which means I didn’t have to feel guilty about the double shot coffee warming up my hands.

Second conquest of the day, refusing to get angry at the inane questions that are unfortunately a occupational hazard of anyone working with people. Sorry world, but there is such a thing as a stupid question.

Third conquest of the day, getting to 10,000 steps before my front door. In this case, I quite literally braced the wind and walked from the highway to house. One day I just know I will be blown away into the Bass Strait, it’s a predestined fate I have come to accept. My back up plan is to swim to Antartica and live with the penguins.

Fourth conquest of the day, finishing my ethics application (again!). It’s no small feat. There are so may considerations to be accounted for. Supervisors must have the patience of angels (which mine do) and students well they need all the gusto they can muster. If anyone reading this has done postgraduate studies you have my sympathies.

So at 10.30pm. I’m exhausted. But I’m also grateful for today. I woke up with the roof still over my head, I got food in the fridge (for a change, I’m a chronic Uber-Eater), my phone didn’t die, I didn’t miss the tram, and I met all my goals.