Nerd Fitness Journal #4

What assumptions should you be questioning?

Assuming I can’t do something before even trying to do it. For example, today was a win. I had previously assumed that I could not walk for an hour because I was too unfit and would become too tired. But today, I made myself a deal. I was going to walk the established 45 min circuit around the block, stopping on each corner for a rest / shake out. I assumed it would be to hard and I was wrong. Granted it was a leisurely stroll, but it was done with easily. I mean I got pins and needles in my foot at one point… but a little perseverance got me through.

I think it’s something to consider.

I shouldn’t assume I can’t do something until I’ve tried it.

Nerd Fitness Journal #3

What can you say YES to today for more opportunity?

“COVID made me fat. So I am going to spend the next 100 days consistently dieting and exercising. Want to join me?”

This is a message I received today and I thought apt to the proposed question. But was my first instinct to say YES… no, it wasn’t. I think my answer was a non-committal depends what you had in mind.

But I am saying yes.

Because that’s what Lady Witchazel (pictured) would do.

The task is easy 1000 or so calories a day and 1-2 hours exercise.

What’s so hard about that?


She is my relentless archenemy.

But like my alter ego, Lady WH, I will not let her defeat me.

Lady Witchazel, the early years

Nerd Fitness Journal #2

What can I say NO to today to simply?

I have never really been good at saying no. I tend to let things happen and then roll with punches after the fact.

From tomorrow I am pledging to say to no to UberEATS. I was going to start today. I courageously declined the Macca brunch with my housemate but somewhere in mid-tv-binge ordered a spud bowl. So starting tomorrow…

I ordered Youfoodz to cover lunch and dinner for the week. This should help in the saying of no to other foods and snacks. It’s also make not eating junk easier. This time I went for the lower calories as opposed to the low carbs. I think that’s more realistic.

In the Tomorrowland, I pledge to cap the tv shows at three episodes. This whole day on the couch thing is becoming too comfortable in these COVID times and I need to be more productive. The partially read book I bought last month cheers in agreement.

Note, I am saying tomorrow, as it is 7:20pm on a Saturday night. There’s not much left to say no to since curfew starts in 40 minutes and I really need to finish watching the tv series I started this morning 🤭

It’s called ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and I can’t say no.

Nerd Fitness Journal #1

What things are truly in my control?

Someone (Eleanor Roosevelt) once said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – and yes, I stole that from the Princess Diaries. But I feel it talks to my answer to the above question.

I have control over how I react to any given situation. I mean, I don’t have complete control. I can count the conversations this week where I channel Hagrid, and say “I shouldn’t have said that”. I also then replay the conversation in my head until I get it right.

I have control over how I think. It’s like Steve was saying in the Nerd Fitness intro articles, we have control over own narrative. If I can start thinking like my alter ego, Lady Witchazel, and the one day I will become her.

This leads me to my third thought of having control over my actions. You are what you eat as they say. And at that moment I am a taco. With a side of coffee and occasional hash browns. And yeah, I could blame the COVID of it all, the Stage 4 lockdown, and the anxiety of leaving the house. But the truth is, I can buy groceries, I have plenty of time to cook, and things won’t expire because I’m here 24/7.

I choose to wait till I’m hungry. I choose to pick you my phone and flick through UberEats, and I choose not to go downstairs to the kitchen. Which is stupid because I walk past the kitchen to go to the front door and collect my food.

So I guess the first thing, and I feel most important thing is… I have control over me.

COVIDDiaries – Thank you and farewell

All weekend, I have heard the phrase “the most traumatic week in Victorian history”. At least the most traumatic during the pandemic. The newsreaders roll off their ages, males in their 90s, females in their 80s – like their age and gender matter. Victorians have lost their lives – that’s all there is to it, right?

But then I think, 80s and 90s… these are the children of the Great Depression. They followed their parents and queued for hours for food stamps and morsels of bread and milk. In their 20s, they laid down their tools and stood up for country during WWII. They saw Australia enter the United Nations and go on to host Olympics and Commonwealth Games. They lived through the Nuclear Crisis, superstorms, and endless droughts.

They faced the fires: Black Friday, Black Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Black Saturday and last summer, where fires raged across every state and territory in Australia.

Essentially, they were Victorians who survived a lot of Australia’s darkest days..

I think we should pay homage to that.

They survived, so we could live.

So, I say thank you and farewell.