So I fell off the wagon the last few days. I’ve been in intense Master-ry mode plus there was the whole Mothers Day gotta-see-the-parents-for-the-weekend thing. Without saying a word I still got in trouble. It’s a can’t win situation so I just roll with the punches. Any whoo… yeah… goals…

Sleep Log

I have been doing a great job of getting eight hours plus, and sometimes a cheeky nap during the day (not today). Not so good at not hitting the snooze button though. Apparently I didn’t move my phone far away enough. Today I’m trying the end of the bed, if that doesn’t work, I may need to relocate the charger.

Food Log

Started the day well with two boiled eggs and a cup of tea. Lunch saw a large latte and southern fried burger emerge on the door step by friends at UberEats . Dinner was a cheeky Nando’s instead of the food I have in the fridge ready to be cooked. To be fair, it’s Monday night, Game of Thrones and oh the anxiety.

Active Log

We have a winner!!!

I tried to make a video of my workout… it didn’t work… camera angles are my enemy when I live in a box.

Today was NF BodyWeight 1A…

  • Squats
  • Push Ups
  • BodyWeight Row
  • Farmer Walk (4kg per hand)

To finish my morning dalliance into activeness, I took a stroll around the creek and smashed 5,000 steps!

Tomorrow I’ll do better with sleep and food.