Nerd Fitness Journal #15

My mother came home from the hospital this weekend. Keeping her to the couch has been interesting. She’s the mum that does things for everyone else and hates everyone doing things for her.

As the years progress, she relates herself to broken doll parts, often exclaiming “what a mess”. But she puts on a smile and a bright face and goes about her day one step at time.

This weekend she’s had me and my brother watching from a distance. Running for the tea, hovering behind her walking stick as she shuffles from one room to another. The puppies also help in running interference. As soon as she tries to move, the dogs move with her.

All three are asleep on the couch right now. So I can reflect on my mum, my somebody who gave me this life and raised me into the person I am.

She was the first person to teach me that happiness comes from giving joy to others. And the best things in life are free: kindness and love.