Daily Log

13,365 steps. Smashed those goals today. It all began this morning when I enjoyed my stroll to the highway under an imminent sunrise, couldn’t help but notice the crescent moon lighting my way. I was tramming early today so disembarked at one end of the city and then walked the line of Collins Street to work. This afternoon I followed my footsteps back from the Docklands then up to Melbourne Central. As the sun set across the university campus I climbed the stairs and hit the 10,000 step marking, meaning my session started on a very happy note.

Food goals kinda somewhat met. Breakfast was a latte. Morning Tea was a Chia Pod. Lunch was a Weekend Warrior and Dinner was Nandos. The latter would have tipped the scale on the calorie count. Although, I feel it was earned in the step count and morning work out.

Nerd Academy

Using a BMR Calculator my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 1495.3. To maintain weight at current activity level, calories should be 1,800, to lose weight around 1,500 and to lose weight fast 1,100.

In the spirit of not drinking calories, tomorrow I will not buy coffee but will drink water. Just writing that sounds crazy to me.