Shakespeare quote in honour of the Bards Birthday / Death anniversary.

Active Journal

In addition to my inspiration quotes I’ll endeavour to track the progress of my health and fitness journey (as challenged by Nerd Fitness).

I woke up at 5am this morning and did 2/3 reps of Body Weight 1B which includes Good Morning, Standing Wall Walk, One Leg Balance, Wall Slide, and Front Plank. I didn’t make the 3rd rep due to the fire in my arms and that pesky thing called time. Tomorrow I’ll set the alarm for 4:45am. Which means adjusting my sleep time. Which also gives me less time to work on other projects in the evening. I’m a girl that needs at least five hours. But short term sacrifices and all that.

I got in half my morning walk before work, and the full afternoon walk after work thus achieving 7,209 steps. Fitbit says I’ve clocked 88 minutes active time so I’m happy with that.


Food Journal

Breakfast was lightyears ago. It didn’t really happen. Whilst walking to work I had a few swigs of my V8 veggie juice which apparently today I detested so it landed with a thud in the bin by the time I was half way down the highway.

Once I got to work I joined the queue for my skinny latte and that became breakfast. About 30 minutes later a fruit and nut bar ascended from the locker to my desk and into my stomach. Estimated 315 calories.

I was so busy at work I didn’t see lunch time arrive, and when prompted bolted out the door and to the station in lightening speed. Today was a Weekend Warrior from Boost Juice. Estimated 278 calories.

Dinner was a cheeky Nandos. My excuse: I was away for the long weekend and didn’t have food. Real reason: I wanted to walk home along the creek, so going to the grocery store would be going out of my way and I didn’t want eggs. Estimated 500 calories.

I’m not really counting calories at this stage. But to have the day’s total between 1,000 – 1,500 is a good place especially since my active minutes will compensate.


In sad news, my FitBit strap broke over the weekend and while another is ordered, it remains at the bottom of my bag. My wrist, in the meantime, feels naked (except for my Just Strong bracelet).

Thanks for reading.