Daily Log

When my eyes opened this morning I was curled in a ball all snug and warm. The beeping of the Woolworths van (sorry neighbours) roused the street. Not longer after the sun came up and I made a mediocre attempt to stretch out the night before. By 8am I was back in bed with a cup of tea scrolling through Youtube. It was the rational thing to do on such a cold Autumn morning.

At 9am I was dressed and power walking up the hill to the post office. The sun was out, and the neighbourhood was buzzing. I’d recently discovered Luke Comb’s Beautiful Crazy and have been playing on a loop most of the week. Felt a moment of serenity and joy to be outside, to be able to acknowledge the majesty of this country.

My enthusiasm for the day was boosted by the lack of queues in the post office. The lady took my licence and scurried into the back. When she returned she dropped my parcel on the desk and I couldn’t help notice the plethora of warning labels: heavy, handle with care. *gulp*

It wasn’t that bad though, only 6kg. My arms didn’t start burning until I’d reached the end of my street #saved. As I clambered through the front door I collapsed onto the couch and stretched out the weary arms. I also place my new 6kg kettle bell by my bedroom door ready for the workout… that never came.

Bit of fail most of today. Sat on the couch surfing the internet. I think a little studying was done, or there was at least some consideration and tabs opened.

Weekend grub was achieved. I now have three meals of chicken mince, cabbage, and sweet potato/pumpkin mash. Tastes better than it sounds, and was the perfect indulgence on a fresh afternoon.

Winter is coming. I need to face the fact. But I’m quite in denial. Motivation is going to get harder before it gets easier.

Finding the Big WHY

I’m tired of being tired, and struggling for energy. I’m happiest when I’m out there in the world connecting with other humans. So I’ve joined the Nerd Academy to give myself a chance to breathe, to be alive, and to belong again.

Setting Goals

Do or do not, there is no try.


One of the first challenges of the Nerd Academy is developing my journey.

So I will become a person:

  • who trains at least three times a week
  • will get eight hours of sleep a night
  • will cook and eat home made meals at least three times a week

My Epic Quest

Travel to Osaka, Japan is the dream. It’s the most scary thing I could do because it so far from the reality I live in. To get there, I need time, money, courage, and language skills. So the tiny wins will be saving $400 per month, finding a flexible job/career and rejuvenating my DuoLingo access.

Tomorrows Goals

Sunday, the day of rest. But not for me. I’ll awake at dawn and do a 30 minute work out. I will then shower, dress and practice my Japanese. Breakfast will be a bowl of Alpen, followed by a morning walk along the creek. When I return I shall get my head stuck into studying. I have so much work to do and time is running out. Lunch and Dinner will be the left overs from today. Depending on the progress of my studying, I might squeeze in a ice skating session with the housemate.