Active Journal

On this fake Friday I fell on my sword. Although completing BodyWeight 1A of the Nerd Fitness Workout, the step count was missing in action. Clocked 3,916 steps, most of which were achieved this morning as I marched along the highway trying to keep ahead of the tram.

My inner team player saw me volunteer for overtime at work and as a result, I didn’t leave the city until the sun had set and the suburbs had returned to shadows and anonymous tree rustles. I’m 33 and afraid of the dark. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Food Journal

Breakfast was half a bottle of V8 Vege Juice as I ran out the front door. I was going to skip the latte this morning but I had time and there was no queue. I call that destiny.

Lucky I did, as my friendly Barista kindly informed me that one of my favourite bands are coming to Melbourne in a few months and tickets go on sale this weekend… eeek! Anyway back to the food log.

Lunch was a Weekend Warrior (again!) and Dinner was a bowl of Alpen.

Not the greatest day for food either.

Tomorrow I’ll try again. Should be easier given its a public holiday and I’ll be up for the dawn service.

Plan for Tomorrow

Following dawn service, I shall retreat back to the house for my two boiled eggs and a cup of tea.

Around midday I’ll go for a walk and swing by the juice bar on the other side of the creek for lunch (if they’re open). If no one is open, which I suspect, I may have to do something daring like eat Alpen for lunch, or have more boiled eggs.

Dinner will be the same as lunch. A roll of the dice.

Next time I’ll do that pesky errand called grocery shopping.

Positive Thoughts

So a fellow nerd/warrior posted an idea in a Facebook group of reflecting on three positive things that happen each day. After commenting on the post with my positives yesterday, I thought I would tack a few onto this post as a way of concluding.

  1. I connected with someone (stranger) in a Facebook Group Forum and we bonded.
  2. An irritable thing happened at work, and I was able to breathe and let it go (these situations have been difficult these last few months)
  3. I got to see the sunset over the Docklands.