Nerd Fitness Journal #16

Creating momentum is half the battle. I’ve said it before structure and consistency is the weapons needed to climb, crawl and well overcome the everyday interferences that deter us from our ultimate cosmic power.

Yes, I watched Aladdin again. It has always been my favourite Disney movie and has taught me so much about life. Not to mention, Robin Williams was really in his element.

Anyway, I digress. To create momentum in my goals. I follow a structure, the same structure everyday including weekends.

I roll out of bed between 5-5:30am and engage in a 30 minute Yoga session that makes my muscles wanna scream. I then shower and coffee. By 7am I am at this computer screen logged into work. At 8am I grab a yoggie from the fridge, and for lunch I have an omlette. I vamoose from work around 3.30pm and go for a 5km walk. Dinner to follow: Grill’d, Nandos, and/or Subway. One day I’ll learn how to cook, but these days are not those days.

I log my achievements of following the above structure through this blog and also through the Nerd Fitness Prime App. Having daily accountable and being able to tick them off is the ultimate motivation.

Plus look at my avatar, isn’t she cool?! The more daily tasks I battle, the more awesome weaponry I can equip her with.