Activity Log

#fail. I didn’t leave the house and I didn’t do a workout. The only movement seen from this sloth was to go downstairs for food.

Food Log

Tea and Alpen for breakfast. Breakfast Burger and Latte from Cheshire Cafe. Dinner, at 8pm I haven’t eaten yet, although I am starting to get hungry. I might go seek out the chicken and sweet potato sitting in the fridge.

Sleep Log

Woke up somewhere around 7.30am today and got up relatively straight away. It was a cold morning so tea and breakfast was a high priority. Went ice skating late on Saturday so didn’t watch television when I returned, it was straight to Bedfordshire albeit way after my “bed time”.

Masters Log

Spent dawn to dusk reading about qualitative content analysis. Need to gather my thoughts and draft another version of the Methodology and Methods section. Also need to put together slides for presentation and complete data analysis #mondaygoals.