Nerd Fitness Journal #17

Count to ten and start again, is how I manage to avoid the drama and go about my life. Although I realise a lot of my life has involved walking away and avoiding conflict. I tend to hide behind humour, sarcasm and make light of serious situations. Not the healthiest approach to life and it has cost me a number of relationships.

Ironically, I have a Master of Communications. Professionally, I am fine because I put on a persona. All the worlds a stage etc. We have our parts to act. Not to say I’m a fake. It’s just the professional world sees more of the consciously crafted extrovertism, where the rest of my life deals with my introvetness,

I’ve been reading a book recently where the author discussed making your inner voice a third person. So it’d like we’re talking to a friend rather than ourselves. So instead of using first person pronouns shift it into third.

When the little voice in my head starts to chime in; I will remember my mantra. WWLWHD? For example, this afternoon when I was out walking, my legs were weary and I was hungry. It would have been so easy to turn back towards the house at the half way mark. But I asked myself, what would Lady Witchazel do and of course I followed suit. After all, it’s Lady W, not Lazy W.

So I lifted my head, picked a spot in the distance, and took one step at a time towards the setting sun. 5km later my dogs were barking but it was worth it and Lady W knew it.

Sunset in Clyde, Victoria