Nerd Fitness Journal #9

Today’s question is How can you treat yourself today?

Well, today marks a week into the 100 Day Challenge my brother set for us both. Our goal is to shed the COVID calories in anticipation of summer, Christmas and a less severe state of play.

The challenge is simple, burn more calories than we consume. I’m averaging 700-900 calories a day with 90min of moderate exercise. And the result… I’m down 1.5kg from last weekend!

HIMYM – Barney was the king of self high-fives

As I’ve said before consistency is key and it is my greatest nemesis. Having to relocate to my parents under Rule 3 (compassionate care) I’m more accountable, as there are eyes everywhere. I mean even the dogs judge me when I move to close to the biscuit tin or if he sees me hovering around the popcorn at 10am.

But perseverance and consistency has shown its dividends.

So to congratulate myself, I decided to put a little method into the madness this weekend. It started with tacos for lunch. Anyone who knows me understands my love for those crispy corn chip shells, and chipotle salsa with sweet corn and avocado thrown atop.

It was the best decision and tasted amazing. I’m salivating at the memories of nine hours ago. To make the experience more delicious, I stayed within my calorie count for the day,

Today’s food log… ahem… two fried eggs on one toast for breakfast, washed down with tea. Coke Zero and two tacos for lunch. Ending the day with an omelette and cup of vegetables.

I fixed mums dinner same time as my own and sighed when she chose she was going to have her Asian prawns only. So as I was dishing up, I placed a cup of vegetables onto her plate.

She looked at me and said “Oh, do I have to eat the vegetables”. I mean who is the parent here. She reluctantly took one mouthful, ate half her prawns, fell asleep and the plate remains abandoned on the kitchen worktop waiting for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, is when the real reward comes, and yes, it is going to be a high calorie day. As it’s Fathers Day I will be cooking roast lamb with the trimmings for my parents. I don’t usually cook for them because my mother controls the kitchen, and we respect each others territory. But as she’s been unwell she has relinquished her power.

I seriously can’t wait. I haven’t had a proper Sunday roast in forever. Mostly because I’m single, lazy and cook for one. But it’s nice to do something for other people and making my parents happy is always a great treat.