Nerd Fitness Journal #10

Writing from my “apocalypse bunker” I took a break from the “being good” and enjoyed five minutes of eating a lovely piece of chocolate cake with caramelised popcorn that I’d bought in honour of Fathers Day in Australia.

It was washed down with a beautiful Victorian Pinot Noir and followed a roast lamb dinner that I had made by myself for the first time.

That’s my win for the day. I didn’t realise how much hovering in the kitchen is required to ensure a meat is well done. Google had not prepared me for that. But I rallied, survived and no one died. In fact, the parents seemed rather happy.

Now onto today’s question, ahem, how are you caring for your mind?

Well, I keep a loosely structured routine. My days begin with yoga and meditation. I plan for the standard eight hours sleep and on most days achieve it. I write in this journal, and engage in strategy games that allow me to escape the world.

I suppose I take care by actively engaging and focusing on little projects that I need to do. The fact that my Apple Watch encourages me to breathe every now and again also helps.

I have always found an organised mind help stimulates the light over the dark..