Nerd Fitness Journal #8

What’s something that’s not your fault, but IS your responsibility?

I work as a complaint and resolution specialist so pretty much every negative experience that comes across my desk becomes my responsibility.

We’re all players in the game. We all have our roles and responsibilities. It takes a village, right. So if something crashes and burns, are we not all as accountable as the person behind the wheel?

Say something.

Tracking food

The next phase in my #nerdfitness journey is keeping an eye on my food intake. So today was

  • 6:30am – Yogurt & Juice
  • 8:30am – Coffee
  • 10:30am – Popcorn
  • 12pm – two eggs on one toast
  • 5:30pm – three fishfingers and a cup of pea/corn veg
  • 7pm – cup of tea

Made it in under the calorie count. Not as hungry as I thought I would be. We’ll see when breakfast rolls around again.

I also closed all the rings on my Apple Watch #winning