A little Sunday Poem

Yesterday, in my naive state of mind, set goals for Sunday. The day of rest. “I’ll awake at dawn and do a 30 minute work out”, I said. Well, I did wake at dawn, long enough to run off the alarm clock and keep hitting snooze, oh until about 7.45am when nature called, and you can’t hit snooze on that.

Did I work out? Hell, no. I ran downstairs, made a huge cup of tea and grabbed a huger bowl of Alpen, nestling into my heap of blankets and turning on Youtube. And just like that it was 9.30am. Then I did my 30 minute work out.

Learning Japanese, walking along the creek, and ice skating with the housemate was deleted from my mindset mid-afternoon. Two movies, and two hours Youtubing (this time in for my Masters Research Project) happened. There was also online shopping and researching day trips out of Melbourne. I have a month off work coming up and I refuse to stay at home.

I don’t think I had lunch as it was lost in the above haze. But I do remember lots of tea, naps, and dinner was the same as yesterday.

It was a definitely a lazy Sunday.

Nerd Academy Quest – Customise the Batcave

To conquer the pre-dawn wake ups, my phone has been relocated off the edge of the bed and onto the bed side locker. That means I have to roll/leap at least two times to turn it off. The song remains a slow awakening of It’s a Beautiful Life. So I should be able to start the day awake, out of bed, and surrounded by awesomeness.

Because baby, it’s cold outside. Especially before sunrise. I’ve started sleeping in my active wear or keeping it to the end of the bed… so it’s the first thing I see. I’ve also been sleeping in hoodies and socks. Tomorrow, I break out the mink blanket.

Food is my weakness. So I have signed up for Dinnerly. Starting from first week of May ingredients will be delivered to my door, so I can channel my inner chef with some structure. I was careful to go through the recipes and pick all the Paleo friendly ones. While I wait, I did a cheeky Youfoodz order, so I can balance long working hours, uni supervisor sessions and workshops.