Activity Log

Between 5am and 5.20am I did Body Workout 1A: Assisted Body Weight Squat, Elevated Push Up, Door Bodyweight Row and Farmers Walk with 6kg weight. Today I achieved two sets but was pushed for time.

Despite the rain and missed tram, I managed to get to Parliament by 7am which meant I could walk the line along Collins Street. There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching half the daily step goal before I reached work. Unfortunately, I left work with the threat of storms so trammed all the way home. Step goal for the day not quite met.

Food Log

Breakfast was at 7.30am. Vanilla Chia Pod and Latte.

Lunch was at 12pm. Weekend Warrior.

Dinner was 7pm. YouFoodz MacDaddy.

Calorie count met but, it’s 8pm and OMG I’m hungry today.

Sleep Log

Last night I turned on the BedTime App of my iPhone. I was awoken at 4.50am. After turning off the alarm I closed my eyes for a few minutes and listened to the rain outside. By 4.55am I turned to the MacBook sleeping next to me and began writing this. So no official snoozing. I was dreaming that I was searching for my keys on my front porch, while an old friend was watching television down on the street… random.

I have a terrible television habit. From work, I came home face planted on the bed. Literally out like a light. When woke up at 7pm, on went Stan, and played in the background until pulled the MacBook lid down around 9.30pm. I think I lay in the dark quiet for about 10min before I was out like a light again. The next sound I remember was that of my alarm.