Nerd Fitness Journal #12

The problem with not checking my daily notifications until 8pm is the challenges become cumbersome. For example, make your bed.

Having read the prompt. I jumped out of bed, straightened the pillows, and pulled the blanket tight over the mattress. After doing ten quick push ups (other challenge), I climbed back into bed and now we are exactly where we started.

I read my chapter for the day where I learned that our failures are just as important to our story as our successes.

Today’s fail was Nando’s including chips in my order by accident, and instead of giving them to someone else, I broke my rule. I inhaled everything but the paper bag.

Who can resist peri peri? It is another of my weaknesses and has probably set me back in my weight loss goals. But you only live with once, and whilst in lockdown; we must embrace life’s simple pleasures.

What would you try if you weren’t afraid of failing?

It would be nice to acquire some persuasive skills, and actually successfully form an argument or negotiation. That would make me slightly more competent in my day job methinks.

Outside of work I’d like to be able to speak different languages. Learning and speaking conversational Japanese preferably in Japan would be amazing. However my efforts so far haven’t really extended past an introduction and a few numbers.

I’d also like to be the person that can climb mountains and barely breaks a sweat. Or maybe run a marathon and keep up with my more agile friends.

I feel like failures and limitations are inevitable, it’s how we react that defines us. I could learn Japanese, train for a marathon, read a book on how to be persuasive… But the fear of failing holds me back. I think it’s like imposter syndrome where I get inside my own head. Part of me knows practicing consistently is the key to achieving the impossible goals,

Just need to tell the voices in my head that…

The noise in my head won’t go away