Level Up Your Life: Origin Story

2020 began with the best of intentions but then bushfires, floods and global pandemics happened …

I turned 35 last week. And now, here I am. Still sitting in the dark waiting for the storms to pass…

In my darkness I’m reading Steve Kamb’s ‘Level Up Your Life’, so in the spirit of active participation, here’s my origin story:

Charlie lived a humble existence as a nerdy Complaints & Resolutions Specialist. Like other supernova origin stories, the hero struggled with being human, notably taking care of herself and lacking enthusiasm, motivation and direction. However, as the prophecies of old foretold, change was coming. Thanks to the deep breath of inspiration, self-discipline and the amazing tutelage of the ridiculously good-looking, clever, and modest mentor Steve, our hero transformed, creating AlwaysChum to protect the lives of her loved ones. Although our hero lives out an ordinary life by day, at night she is an absolute badarse, known for her epic eye for design, amateur hiking adventures, and one time even swam with dolphins.

How can you change the world if you can’t change yourself?

Credit: Bitmoji